How to Incorporate Digital Assessments in the Classroom Easily

Student assessment is a critical component in determining whether a student is making progress or needs additional support.  The best …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. BoydFeb 18,18

Gamification is a Key to Motivating Students

It’s infamous how much children play and enjoy video games. Parents everywhere despair of dragging their kids away from games …Read More

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Improving Student Achievement

Across America, Teachers and administrators are getting ready for state test and end of course exams. A few months after …Read More

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Breakfast: The Missing Part of a Complete Education

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, but too many students of poverty, it’s also …Read More

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Teaching with Technology: Instruction in the Connected Classroom

Teachers are at the center of students’ educational experiences, and it is the responsibility of teachers, parents, and schools to …Read More

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Gamification Can Reinvigorate Teaching and Learning: An Introduction

When students are engaged and inspired, they excel academically. Regrettably, schools all around the country are facing a student motivation …Read More

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