Teaching with Technology: Instruction in the Connected Classroom

Teachers are at the center of students’ educational experiences, and it is the responsibility of teachers, parents, and schools to …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. BoydFeb 6,18

Gamification Can Reinvigorate Teaching and Learning: An Introduction

When students are engaged and inspired, they excel academically. Regrettably, schools all around the country are facing a student motivation …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. BoydJan 29,18

Technology Can Keep Parents Engaged and Informed

Engaged and informed parents play a vital role in a student’s education.  But all too often, parents are bombarded with …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. BoydJan 26,18

Practical Strategies to Increase Parental Involvement

Parental involvement in student lives benefits the student, the teacher, the society and the family. Establishing good relationship and trust …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. BoydJan 22,18

Parents’ Attitudes and Views Have a Tremendous Effect on Their Children

As a youngster, a commercial had a tremendous effect on my view and attitude concerning drugs besides the concern expressed …Read More

Profile PhotoDr. BoydJan 13,18

Every Stakeholder can Fight the Effects of Low Socioeconomic Status

Socioeconomic Status (SES) refers to either the social standing of a group, the amount of income a family has, or …Read More

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