How to Implement Educational Technology in the Modern Classroom

Currently, everything that we interact with has some connection to technology.  Whether at home, school, or work technology has become a central part of our lives.

Technology has dramatically changed the field of education and how students learn.  The innovation and growth of educational technology can be seen in classrooms throughout the world.  The use of educational technology has many benefits due to the ability to create a personalized approach to learning which is especially impactful for students with special needs or learning disabilities.

Technology in the Classroom

Educational technology plays a crucial role in the enhancement of learning.  Educational technology has revolutionized the way teachers are able to communicate and interact with both parents and students.  Technology in education has streamlined which enhances student learning as well as parent engagement and partnership.

The continuous development of technology in education has transformed the typical, traditional classroom into a modern learning environment which engages and inspires students.  These modern classrooms are no longer places where students are disengaged and distracted.  Today, these modern classrooms are filled with students who are digital natives and are able to leverage the educational technology tools available to them to communicate and collaborate with their peers.  Various technology tools and software continue to disrupt education allowing students and teachers to push the boundaries of learning further.

Benefits of Educational Technology

There have been a number of  Courses that were inaccessible to students not attending on-campus classes are now readily accessible and can be viewed at any time.  The integration of technology into education has made education more available to people across the globe.  Online schools and courses can now be taken from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. In addition to addressing accessibility issues, educational technology has also contributed to faster speed to proficiency and content mastery.


Technology has helped many students improve their learning capabilities, and many teachers quickly identify students who may need extra support as well. The field of educational technology is constantly evolving, and new tools and software are continuously entering the classroom ensuring students have access to cutting-edge technology.  From lessons plans to grade books to classroom calendars most administrative classroom functions can happen online which saves teachers time and effort.

In addition, educational technology has also helped students and teachers to save money.  Digital tablets and notebooks are replacing books as materials can be downloaded to the tablet and read on the device.  College students are now able to rent (and order) online textbooks and have them delivered to their devices.  They no longer have to carry around backpacks filled with heavy books, they can take advantage of the cost savings, and they can have all their references and materials located on one device and accessible with the touch of a finger.


Personalized Learning

kes place at different rates, and prior to educational technology teachers would teach to the middle population of the class leaving gifted students and special needs students to find ways to engage with the material on their own.  The implementation of educational technology tools into classrooms has allowed teachers to diversify their instruction to accommodate a variety of learners ranging from gifted students who need to be challenged to special needs students who need additional support.  With the use of educational technology to diversity educational content and delivery teachers n reach more students and engage them with the materials.

Technology in education has transformed how teachers are providing instruction and how students are learning.  Through the incorporation and implementation of educational technology, students are more engaged with the content leading to better learning outcomes and higher student success rates.

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