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Assign Courses & Quizes online and Gamify the learning

Engagucate is a learning-embedded, game-based, e-learning platform that was designed by teachers for teachers. We know what teachers need to educate this generation of students, especially in the era of standardized testing. When logged in, students engage in online games and quizzes aimed to supplement the content and skills that their teacher has taught during the school day. Engagucate offers 100% teacher created content coupled with engaging computer games that are modeled after some of the most popular IOS and Android apps on the market. 

Play that is at the heart of practice.

Not only do students gain new skills on Engagucate, but, they also gain a whole new appreciation for how much fun learning can be! From the vibrant images that infuse Engagucate skills, to the stunning and compelling games, students will be motivated to Engagucate for hours.

By providing the right information to the right people at the right time, accountability and assessment tools enable educators to make better decisions and improve learning. Engagucate delivers the tools you need to transform data into knowledge, knowledge into action, and action into success.


Monitoring student achievement and progress is easy in Engagucate’s report tab located in the teacher dashboard. In one click, you can see every answer your students have chosen. You can see what topics your students have been practicing as well as their scores, their scores on content that you have prescribed for them, and tests that they have taken. 

In Engagucate, you can upload your topics and questions onto our system as either formative or summative assessment with the convenience of automatic grading. In our platform, you have the flexibility of creating your own questions or using our questions. Assess exactly what you want to assess, and your students will be so absorbed they will not even notice that you are evaluating their progress!


While engaged in our games, students consolidate what they’ve been taught in class. Our games encourage students to think carefully about their actions during their game play. The repeated practice locks down the learning and allows the student to achieve mastery of what you prescribe or they decide they need to learn. In minutes, you can input questions from your lessons, worksheets or textbooks into our easy-to-use database and assign them to your students and check back the next day to see your students’ results. Remember, you will not need to grade these assignments as our system does that for you.

Our learning-embedded games optimize practice and test prep. Simply put, we take the boredom out of test prep. Engagucate encourages your students to persist in practice until they have either mastered the content or the game. 


You create or choose a topic and assign them to your students for your students to practice while playing the game of their choice. This choice maximizes their engagement and causes them to master the content, thereby empowering ownership of their own learning and alleviating apathy.


Any educator in any subject area or level from Pre-K to the Post-Graduate level can use Engagucate. As long as you have content, you can use Engagucate and tailor it to the specific needs of your students.



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Our Founder & Our Engagucators

Dr. Boyd created the Engagucate Platform because he was helping his daughter with some math homework and knew that there had to be an easier way to help his kids learn rather than having a child do loads of busy work. He wanted to harness the power of the Internet to deliver high quality digital education and couple that with meaningful games and content. He knew that would enhance the effectiveness of learning for a new generation of children. In today’s standardized test heavy educational society, it is that much more important for schools to provide a high quality education for all our children. We must provide them with the requisite skills that they will need in order to be successful in their lives.


 Dr. Boyd is the CEO of Boyd Education Solution & Technology. He is also the Founder of Magnolia Alliance for Change, which is a local nonprofit aimed at easing the effects of poverty on young children. He is a professor, consultant, writer, speaker, trainer and thought leader on learning & development. 

We take pride in our team of Engagucators, animators, and writers, who produce and continually improve Engagucate, incorporating valuable teacher and parent input. Aiding us is a talented group of educators who serve as our Academic Advisors. We also partner with an array of educational game creators and other education technology companies and organizations.